Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology


Department: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Department.

Name of the College: Dr Vyshanpayam Memorial Government Medical College.

Address : Near District Court, Sadar Bazar, Solapur -413003.

Location: Forensic Medicine Department of Dr V M Government Medical College and SCSM Civil Hospital is located at C block of the Hospital premises, Solapur (Maharashtra). It is easily accessible by public transport.
The Autopsy Block is situated in the close proximity to Casualty.
Department Office and Museum is situated adjacent to the Autopsy Block in C block of Hospital Campus near Civil Surgeon Office.
Departmental Undergraduate laboratory and Demonstration room is situated near the departmental office and in front of civil surgeon office.
A mortuary servant room is located at the entrance of autopsy block.
A separate entry from outside is provided for dead bodies to be received before PM or dispatched after PM.
A separate Medical Officer room is located near the entrance for guidance of police and relatives.
A shed has been provided as mourners shed for aggrieved relatives.
Different information boards, directional signs are fitted at the strategic points for guidance of the public.
The list of faculty members of the college and hospital detailed information about Forensic Medicine department Dr V M Government Medical College along with telephone numbers of the faculty members are available on the website of the institution:
The duty rosters for the faculty members & resident doctors is displayed on the notice boards of the department.
Medico-legal autopsy functions have been done round the clock. Only sensitive cases as enumerated in the time table were not done during night hours
The Medico-legal record has been well preserved from 1985 onwards and the dispatch of medico-legal reports has been done only during office hours.


“Forensic Medicine is a subject which deals with the application of medical and paramedical knowledge to aid in the administration of justice”.
Hence in a teaching institute like medical college the faculties were entrusted to create the competent Medical Officers through the practically oriented teaching of undergraduate students and to create the experts through post graduate teaching.
Hence for the sake of scientific based investigation of any crime with maximum use of modern modalities and technology, so as to ensures proper justice to every victim this department strives hard to provide the highest standard of medical education and focuses on the overall development of the students and prepares them to make meaningful contributions and improve the quality of medico-legal services they have to serve to different legal agencies.