Department of Physiology



Undergraduate Programs
1) To promote the understanding of functioning of the organs systems and their interactions for well coordinated body function.
2) To enable the assessment of the relative contribution of each organ system to the    maintenance of the milieu interior.
3) To stimulate the evaluation of physiological responses and adaptations to environmental stressors and in health and disease.

 Postgraduate programs
To train a student who is:
1) Well versed with basic physiological processes and their regulation in health and disease.

 2) Familiar with the principles of research methodology, epidemiology and biostatistics.
 3) Acquainted with the principles of medical education and is able to present/publish a scientific communication.

Faculty Development
To promote continuous professional development of faculty for :
 1) Developing effective communication skills with the students and peers.
 2) Introducing innovative practices in curriculum development, teaching-learning strategies and student assessment.

 3) Developing research aptitude.