Department of Dermatology

1. For teaching UG Students e.g. AV aids, charts, different clinical photographs in OPD
2. Services provided For patient care: Phototherapy, minor OT procedures like Radiosurgery, punch biopsy, vitiligo/acne/nail surgeries, chemical cautery
List of major equipments available (with photographs & Utility specified)

  1. For teaching: OHP, LCD projector, black board
  2. For patient care: phototherapy machine, electrocautery, radiofrequency machine, biopsy punch, scalpel, chemical peels


  1. For teaching:-

 lecture hall cum demonstration hall- 1,11.5 sqm, capacity 20,
dept library cum seminar room: we use medicine dept’s room, 33.45 sqm, capacity-50

  1. For department:-

no. of rooms-2,
1 lecture room(10 sqm),
1 seminar room(33.45 sqm),
no departmental library,
no of Books-10 ,
Area in sq mtr of lecture hall & demonstration hall, (in sq mtr )- 11.45 sqm

  1. For patient care:- Ward-2, OT-1, Department Lab, (Area in sq mtr) whichever applicable

a) Wards:-
                    No. of wards: 2, area:600 sqm
                    Bed strength: 20, 10 more required
                    Bedside lab: 1,  area: 10 sqm
                    Doctor’s room: not available
b) OT: No: 1
                  No of OT table: 1
                 Avg. no of operations per month: 70-80
c) lab services:
          area: 10 sqm
avg no of investigations per month: 100-120
list of investigations: CBC, LFT’s RFT’s urine routine,   stool  examination, skin biopsy, koh mount, VDRL