Department of Medicine


Depatment of internal medicine is in true sense the soul of any  hospital. The art and science of medicine has enchanted many great minds in human history dating back to as early as Hippocrates who is aptly referred to as the father of modern medicine .
The ability of a physician to help suffering human beings to get back to health with the knowledge and skill he has acquired through years of hardwork and training makes this field so immensely rewarding and satisfying.
In today’s era of modern lifestyle and increasing health awareness amongst the population the role of physician is expanding not only as a healthcare professional but also as a health educator , a nutritionist , a counselor , and a true friend of patients and last but not the least a good human being.
At  the department of medicine Dr V. M . Government medical college we constantly thrive for quality medical care to our patients which come not only from Solapur district but also from neighbouring districts of Marathwada , Karnataka and Telangana . Another area of focus is Undergarduate and postgraduate training to pass the great legacy on to the next generation .
Through years of hardwork of all the great physicians who have rendered their services to this department we have been able to acquire trust and confidence of   our patients and society at large. We look to stand true to the confidence entrusted in us through our hardwork and dedication .