Department of Dentistry


1) Dr. Prathamesh Joshi( Associate Professor )
1)Sex determination using palatine rugae pattern in nepalese population journal of forensic odntology 2012

  1. Dr. RajendraAvhad.  (Assistant Professor)

1.  Rajendra, Ranjukta. Jyoti.Fabrication of custom made ocular prosthesis using prefabricated iris disc. Guident. 2016;  9 (5): 36-39.
2) Rajendra, Ranjukta. Presurgical management of bilateral cleft lip and palate in a neonate. Guident. 2016;  9 (3): 10-12.
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5) Rajendra, Jyoti, Ranjukta. Evaluation of the relation of maxillary canine and edge of central incisor to incisive papilla in Indian population with respect to arch form.journal of Indian prosthodontics society. 2014;14 (3) : 228-232.

3) DR Atul Bhagwat (Registrar)

1) Papillonlefvresyndrome  report of two cases int journal of dental case report2014;4(1):24-29 Picture