Department of Micro Biology



Name of the College: Dr Vaishampayan  Memorial Government Medical College.

Address : Opp. District Court, Sadar Bazar, Solapur -413003.

Location:  Ground Floor, Dr V M Government Medical College , Solapur (Maharashtra).

 Phone Numbers -   0217 -2749413,  0217- 2749414


“Clinical Microbiology is a  specialized branch of microbiology which deals with the diagnosis, management  and prevention of infectious disease
Over years the department has witnessed seminal progress in the field of medical microbiology leading to National and International Reputation. The Department actively involves in teaching, Clinical diagnostic services to the tertiary care hospitals and adjoining health care systems in the state, and is endowed with research capabilities.  All the laboratories have expertise, state of the art infrastructure to function independently to carry out research. Core areas of research pivots around all the major branches of medical microbiology; viz Aerobic bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Serology of infectious diseases and microbial surveillance in hospital and community settings.

  1. Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteriology  
  2. Mycobacteriology
  3. Mycology & Parasitology
  4. Serology
  5. ICTC Services
  6. IDSP Services
  7. HICC Services
  8. Emergency Microbiology Services
  9. Academics
  10. Training programs


Key Features


  • HIV ICTC (Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre) housed at the Microbiology department is one of the best  State Reference Laboratory (SRL) in Maharashtra State
  • Mycobacteriology Laboratory is recognized as  ‘Designated Microscopy Centre’ under RNTCP for diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • Research Mentoring for MBBS students  – Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Short term studentship (STS) Grants
  • Guiding and supporting M.D. Dissertations
  • Mandatory Oral/Posters presentation by MD Postgraduates in State / National Conferences and CMEs
  • Integrated teaching practice in MBBS curriculum
  • 24x7 emergency laboratory service
  • Numerous research paper publications in various National and International Journals



  • Successful organization and conduction of  MAHAMICROCON 2016-XXII State Chapter Conference of IAMM 
  • Conduction of various academic CMEs as LABCON 2017
  • District level Training sessions of  Laboratory Technicians working under ICTC 
  • Guest Lectures on HIV- AIDS at different institutes and public platforms to spread awareness




  •   NABL accreditation of State Reference Laboratory (SRL)  and CD4 Laboratory
  • HIV ICTC Laboratory one of the best  State Reference Laboratory (SRL) in Maharashtra State
  • Mycobacteriology Laboratory as ‘Designated Microscopy Centre’ under RNTCP for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis