Department of Anatomy


Name of Department - Anatomy

Head of Department - Dr. P. R. Kulkarni

Address -Dept. of Anatomy, Dr. V.M. Govt. Medical College, Solapur-413003

Phone Number : (0217) 2749404 Ext. :- 404 Fax No: (0217) 2310766

The Department of Anatomy was established in the year 1963. Human Anatomy which forms firm foundation of the whole art of medicine. Here, students dissect human cadavers under supervision of teachers so that they can learn structure of the human body. The department has well equipped Histology and Research laboratory, Gross, Embryology and Radiology museum, Bone bank, Charts (Genetics and Gross), CDs etc for the benefit of the students. The department has well established library. Department teaches and trains Medical, Nursing and BPMT undergraduate students and also students undergoing post-graduation in Anatomy.

Department includes following Heads:-

Gross Anatomy







Body Donation (Dehdan)

Facility of body donation is available at V. M. Government Medical College,Solapur. Body donation can be done only after the natural death of a willing person. The willingness for the same can be given by filling the form, for which the necessary link is provided below under the heading "body donation form" The person who is willing for body donation has to download the given form and to submit two hard copies with the signature of two witnesses. The form has to be submitted to the Department of Anatomy. It can be submitted personally or by the hands of relatives / friend during the official hours. Forms can also sent by post, courier, speed post to the Department of Anatomy. Those people who are unable to submit donation form but still want to donate their bodies after death can also do the body donation after death. For such donations willingness of two relatives is essential. Facility for receiving donated bodies is available at the department for round the clock and also on public holidays.

Click here for Body Bonation Form